The courses are constructed and led by industry professionals, with extensive experience in their fields and each of them holding advanced knowledge in their craft.

With a wealth of experience as esteemed educators in prestigious universities, they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and academic rigor to the learning experience.

Additionally, the programs are enriched by the presence of internationally recognized speakers, who infuse a global perspective into the curriculum, providing students with invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the art industry on a worldwide scale.

What we teach at our studio:

  • Video Editing / VFX
  • 2D Animation
  • Character Design
  • Music / SFX
  • 3D Modeling / Texturing
  • Storytelling
  • Programming
  • Graffiti / Muralism
  • Miniature Painting
  • Storyboarding
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Printing
  • Digital Comic Making
  • After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Motion Capture
  • Ceramics

The teachers and their focus:

  • Onem – 3D and Storytelling
  • Mewzilla – Concept and Design
  • The Rockman – Animation and Video Editing
  • More coming soon…
Anthropomorphic Character Design
Meet the teacher:

Melissa ‘Mewzilla’ Gómez is a seasoned audiovisual artist with a decade-long track record in creative media, specializing in the intersection of cutting-edge technology and storytelling. Graduating in Graphic and Advertising Design from CEDIM in 2008, her notable achievements encompass character design for the acclaimed ‘Catalina, la Catrina’ project in collaboration with ONEM Studio and TELEVISA for Canal 5. Gómez’s expertise extends to animation and storyboarding for a diverse range of projects, spanning from short films to full-length features, music videos, and commercials. Additionally, she has delved into character design and illustration for the burgeoning realm of NFT projects.

Course Overview:

Explore the fascinating realm of anthropomorphic character design in this two-day course.

Learn to seamlessly blend human anatomy and emotions into animal characters, and develop your ability to create believable and expressive figures in various styles.

  • Blending Human Anatomy into Animal Forms.
  • Understanding Different Body Types.
  • Capturing Expressions and Emotions.
  • Designing Clothing for Animal Characters.
  • Mastering Textures for Realism.


While previous drawing experience is beneficial, especially in human anatomy, it is not mandatory. Feel free to bring your sketchbook or digital tablet to enhance your learning experience.

Animation: Principles and Practice
Meet the teacher:

Marcelo Rockman is a dedicated professional with a deep passion for the fusion of animation and technology, having earned a degree in Digital Animation from Tecmilenio. Armed with a solid foundation in this realm, he has excelled as a technical director and 2D animator. Rockman’s career has taken him to esteemed studios in Canada, affording him the privilege of contributing to impactful projects. Notably, his tenure at Onem Studio saw him become an integral part of creative teams working on renowned series like ‘Catalina la Catrina’ and ‘SpongeBob.’ Through his work, Rockman remains committed to breathing life into imaginative worlds and beloved characters, aiming to captivate audiences of all ages.

Course Overview:

Unlock the enchanting world of animation through our comprehensive course, “Fundamentals of Animation: Principles and Practice.” This dynamic program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the core principles of animation, enabling them to bring characters and stories to life with fluidity, personality, and creativity.

  • Learn the Principles.
  • Six exercises to practice.
  • Course spread between 2 days.
  • Join our discord community.
  • Enjoy critique and feedback.


This course requires students to possess basic computer skills and a creative inclination.

While prior drawing abilities are preferred, they are not mandatory.

Introduction to Storytelling
Meet the teacher:

Onem® (Juan M. Gutierrez) is an artist from Monterrey, Mexico, with a diverse career spanning marketing, graphic design, computer science, and the arts. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Media Art from Harvard University, along with certifications in Strategic Planning from Harvard GSD and completion of the Pictoplasma Academy. As the CEO and Art Director of Onem Studio, he leads creative direction, delivering projects for major companies such as VIACOM, Nickelodeon, Adobe, and Televisa Networks. His artistic impact extends to global audiences through exhibitions and publications. Apart from his artistic pursuits, Onem is also a dedicated teacher and has given classes at universities such as Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and Arte A.C.

Course Overview:

Dive deep into the art of storytelling, animation, and character design in this rigorous course. Explore the intricacies of narrative structure, character development, and visual storytelling techniques. Through hands-on exercises and in-depth analysis, you will refine your skills in crafting compelling stories and bringing characters to life.

  • Narrative Structure and Development
  • Character Concept and Design
  • Hands-On Exercises and Projects
  • Expert Instruction and Feedback
  • Portfolio-Ready Output


Basic drawing or design skills are recommended, but not mandatory.  Bring your sketchbook, drawing materials and most importantly, a strong enthusiasm and commitment to refining both storytelling and character design.