Onem studio offers a combination from the following concepts:

1. Carnada visual TM (Visual Bait)

Let’s create a memorable feeling for your audience. Storytelling is the main ingredient to create the perfect bait to attract your audience constantly in social media. They will know who you are and what you are selling, but most importantly they’ll love you and they’ll remember you.

2. Art

Let’s use magic by creating mascots, characters, animations, icons, effects and more to build the most appealing concepts that will make your brand unique. Only an artist can make that magic possible.

3. Design

You need a friendly and perfectly balanced UI / UX in any device for your audience. Or perhaps you require a design that uses the correct size and resolution for any social network. Let’s design the ambience for a remarkable brand that can move fluidly in any social media.

4. Technology

Engage your audience using top tech resources. Let’s be Avantgarde. Let’s use augmented reality, interactivity, virtual reality, video games and more.


 Character Design  Video Animation  Loops ( Gifs / mini videos)
 Comics  Art+ Illustration  Design

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