Who are We ?

We are Digital Artists

We are Masters Graduated Experienced Visual Artists Professionals.
We are Artists but we are also Digital.
Social media and technology are our tools and canvas.

We are Storytellers 

From complex to simple, from realistic to iconic, from objective to subjective, from specific to universal.  WE know how to tell stories to connect audiences to your brand or product by using emotions .

We are Geeks

Yes!!  we love comics, video games, movies and art in general , but our advantage is that we are multigenerational and we live online catching and surfing trendy digital waves. We speak Internet!

We are Tech-Nerds

We are Computer Scientists and Problem solvers. We create our own workflows and processes using and combining High-end Visual Technologies to create affordable top quality visual products for our clients

The Dream Team.


Onem is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Onem studio. He is a multidisciplinary artist with experience in many fields such as Graphic Design, Marketing, Animation, and Arts in General. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Media Art and Instructional Design from Harvard University additionally he received a certificate in Strategic Planning at Harvard GSD and just recently graduated from Pictoplasma academy. He is also an Art teacher at UDEM The University of Monterrey.

Melissa “Mewzilla” Gomez

Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at CEDIM, she has also studied with several animation professionals such as Story and Animation Masterclass from Pixar and Preproduction for Animation Masterclass with Marec Fritzinger (Disney). She has worked in several animation studios participating in two movie developments, animated series, and music videos as a concept artist, storyboard artists, and 2d animator. She’s also a skilled storyteller and voice actor for some of the characters she has worked with.

Marcelo Rockman

Marcelo holds an animation bachelor’s degree, he specializes in composition and post-production, 2D character animation, and rigging. He has worked with Adobe, Televisa, and Dio-0-Matic, controlling digital puppets on live television working with Onem Studio. In his free time, he enjoys watching anime, doing fan animations about different videogames series, and working on his personal upcoming tv show.

Christian Duer

Christian Duer is in charge of 3D modeling. He is an architect and a digital artist who experiments with different technologies and software. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture at ITESM campus Querétaro, learned 3d modeling software at RMIT, and completed an Emerging Design and Technology course at MIT media lab. 

Remy Sefi

He began his musical training at age 13 taking guitar, then graduated from the Bachelor’s Degree in Composition at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. Subsequently, he entered the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey where he graduated in Digital Music Production Engineering. He also has a degree in composition from the University of Berklee.

Our Work Place.