The Client:

Les Vagabonds  is an electronic music duo from Monterrey Mexico.

The Year:


The Task:

We were asked to design a friendly mascot for the band.

The Solution:

In our creative workshop, a wild idea took form – a feline force of nature designed to be the living embodiment of the band’s energy. This fearless cat, with its electrifying presence, became a visual anthem for the band, resonating with the audience on a visceral level.

Beyond its digital inception, this untamed creature found its place in the tangible world. From vibrant merchandise to dynamic posters, the cat transcended mere mascot status, becoming the living, breathing essence of the band’s identity.

Roscoe The Mascot:

Roscoe, the band’s feline maestro, exudes confident charm and artistic sensibility. With a fearless demeanor, he mirrors the band’s boundary-pushing spirit. His vibrant fur and captivating gaze draw you into the band’s world, embodying their energy and style. Roscoe is more than a mascot; he’s an emblem of the band’s identity, a cool and timeless figure that resonates with their cutting-edge sound. Together, they create an electrifying musical experience.


The merch collection, inspired by the charismatic feline virtuoso Roscoe, spreads the band’s dynamic spirit. From vibrant tees and stickers to galvanizing posters and buttons, each item carries a touch of Roscoe’s fearless charm and the band’s amazing style.

Dive into a world where music meets art with this collection, a tangible extension of the band’s galvanizing energy.


We created a visual experience that complemented the band’s energetic sound. Through a thoughtful process, we designed a set of graphics and animations that synced harmoniously with the music. These visuals, a blend of vivid colors and dynamic patterns, provided an engaging backdrop for the band’s performances.

Each visual element was chosen to enhance the audience’s connection to the music.


In these captivating snapshots of live concerts, the band’s dynamic visuals take center stage, creating an immersive experience that amplifies their electrifying sound. 

These images capture a world where music and visuals converge, offering fans an unforgettable multi-sensory journey. The band’s energetic performances are elevated by the synchronized light displays, creating a powerful synergy between sound and sight. The mascot, a living testament to the band’s musical prowess, stands as a vivid symbol of their boundary-pushing spirit, ensuring that each concert is an experience that resonates long after the final note.

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