The Client:

Onem Studio Project.

The Year:


The Task:

Our mission is to design and deliver a seamless, user-friendly toon maker application that caters to both novice creators and seasoned artists alike.

The Solution:

Introducing our innovative app that empowers users to play and create with an extensive array of visual elements sourced from the illustrious Kawatoon Library. With an expansive selection of eyes, noses, mouths, accessories, expressions, and much more, the possibilities for artistic expression are boundless.

The App Editor:

Utilize an array of powerful editor tools at your disposal, allowing you to seamlessly manipulate, adjust, and refine your creations. Effortlessly move, rotate, scale, duplicate, reflect, send to the background, and even erase elements to tailor your artwork to perfection.

What’s more, sharing your imaginative masterpieces with friends and family is a breeze. Simply send them via email, or showcase them on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This way, your creativity knows no bounds and can be appreciated by a wider audience.

How it works:

Leverage our robust editor tools to effortlessly manipulate, fine-tune, and refine your creations. Seamlessly move, rotate, scale, duplicate, reflect, rearrange depth, and even erase elements to bring your vision to life with precision and flair.

And when you’re ready to share your artistic endeavors, it’s a breeze. Send your creations to friends and family through email, or showcase them on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This way, your creativity knows no bounds, reaching a wider audience for appreciation and inspiration.

User creations:

Step into our User Creations Gallery and be inspired by the imaginative artwork crafted by our talented community of users. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of personalized creations made using our user-friendly toon maker app.

Explore a range of delightful characters, scenes, and designs, each reflecting the unique style and vision of its creator. From subtle adjustments to more intricate detailing, these creations showcase the app’s intuitive editor tools in action.

Feel free to browse, appreciate, and perhaps discover your own creative spark along the way. Our gallery is a testament to the wonderful things that happen when creativity meets user-friendly technology. Who knows, your next masterpiece could be the next featured creation!

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