Hola Bipi

The Client.

Onem Studio Personal Project

The Year. 2017

The Task.

Bipi is a musical show featuring 12 animated videos, 2-3 minutes each. Bipi is Onem Studio’s first animated series. Everything from the idea, concept, design, characters, animation and music was completely made inside the studio.

The Solution.

We decided to create an easy and fast to animate workflow creating simple puppets using character rigs . At the same time saving time avoiding difficult elements to animate such as hands and expressions. As simple as possible and at the same time focusing on the idea.

The Concept.

In every episode we follow Bipi, a little alien explorer that comes to Earth to learn about music, culture and friendship. 

Previous to the show production, we made several different design styles to choose from until we decided which one was the right for the series.

He’s the main character of the show. He’s a curious little alien that came to earth to learn about the planet and make friends.

He’s a small robot and Bipi´s best friend. He has different abilities which help Bipi and he´s friends during every video. 

She´s Bipi´s first friend from earth. She loves music and plays a small guitar


Every video introduced new characters which Bipi made friends with. We had a lot of fun designing each one of them!


Each music video had its own unique style and background design. We designed each with lots of details so kids would have fun exploring every part of it.

Bipi 2.0 Coming soon !


Thanks for watching