Dr. Checo Pacheco

The Client.

Good Times.mx is a store specialized in smoking pipes, bongs and all sort of materials used to have a really good time.

The Year. 2018

The Task.

The store wanted to have a monkey or chimpanzee as their mascot. Also a simple way to communicate with their clients frequently.

The Solution.

We designed a friendly character that could work as a digital puppet for You tube to show and instruct about new products from the store.

The Character

We came up with several designs for them to choose. From the classy type character to the more outgoing one.

This was the final design of the mascot. In this phase, the client decided they wanted the character to look like a doctor so it could have better credibility while giving tips and advices

The Digital Puppet.

We made a very elaborate puppet for the character to move and interact with the products and clients of the store. We added custom faces and unique expressions that the client wanted.

The Hands.

The video capsules of the character where also going to show real life products that “Dr. Checo Pacheco” was going to interact with. So, we needed to make “real” monkey hands. The result came un really good.

The Lab.

The background of the show had to look like a chemistry professor’s laboratory, filled with science gadgets and tables where Dr. Checo Pacheco could show the most recent smoke products.

Demo Video.

We did several videos for  GoodTimes.mx Facebook in which the character exposed some interesting facts and showed elite smoking products. The combination of animation and real life footage blended really well in each video.