The Client:

Good is a store specialized in smoking pipes, bongs and all sort of materials used to have a really good time. 

The Year:


The Task:

The store wanted to have a monkey or chimpanzee as their mascot. Also a simple way to communicate with their clients frequently.

The Solution:

We conceptualized and developed a personable character specifically designed to serve as a digital host on YouTube and Facebook. This character was meticulously crafted to effectively introduce and provide detailed instructions about the latest products available in the store. The goal was to create a relatable and engaging figure that could connect with viewers on a personal level, making the process of discovering and learning about new offerings both informative and enjoyable.


Dr. Checo Pacheco:

We conceptualized a distinctive monkey character for the smoking products store. Our design process was marked by a diverse range of options, from a refined and classy persona to a lively and outgoing one. This ensured that our character resonated with a broad spectrum of customers. After presenting these designs to our client, we refined and honed the chosen concept to perfection and named him Dr. Checo Pacheco.

The final result seamlessly integrates into the brand’s visual identity, gracing the store signage, website, packaging, and promotional materials with its charismatic presence. 

The Monkey Hands:

To maintain an authentic feel in the video capsules featuring Dr. Checo Pacheco, we took the hands-on approach of crafting monkey hands manually. This ensured that every aspect was carefully attended to, allowing us to achieve a realistic representation.

The dedication put into creating these tangible monkey hands proved to be a worthwhile endeavor. When seamlessly integrated into the video capsules, they facilitated natural interactions with real-world products. The meticulous attention to detail resulted in a final product that met and even surpassed our initial expectations, providing a genuinely convincing portrayal.

The Concept:

The concept art for creating our monkey character involved a thoughtful exploration of various visual styles and personas. We considered both refined and sophisticated designs for him, as well as more lively and outgoing ones, ensuring a diverse range of options. This process allowed us to fine-tune the character’s appearance, ensuring it perfectly aligned with the brand’s identity and would resonate with the target audience.

The Lab:

To create the show’s backdrop, we aimed for the look of a chemistry professor’s laboratory. This involved selecting appropriate science equipment and arranging tables where Dr. Checo Pacheco could present the latest smoke products. We carefully curated a range of scientific gear, from glassware to measuring instruments, and arranged them thoughtfully to replicate the atmosphere of a real working lab. 

This attention to detail ensured that the laboratory background looked authentic and added an extra layer of realism to the show.

The Video:

We produced a series of engaging videos for’s Facebook audience. In these videos, the character shared intriguing facts and showcased high-end smoking products. What set these videos apart was the seamless integration of animation and real-life footage. This fusion allowed for a dynamic and captivating viewing experience, where the character’s animated presence seamlessly interacted with actual elite smoking products. This synergy between animation and reality lent a unique and compelling dimension to each video, captivating the audience’s attention and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

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