The Client:

XE Seguridad is a security company based in Mexico , who sells primarily doors and alarm systems.

The Year:


The Task:

We were tasked to create a fun series of videos to showcase some of the products from XE Seguridad .

The Solution:

Our solution involved crafting characters inspired by the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. These characters ingeniously turned the tables on the wolf, using XE security products to make his attempts utterly futile. Catering to our target demographic of individuals aged between their mid-30s and mid-50s, we intentionally designed the look and feel to evoke the charm of 60s to 80s cartoons.

The Concept:

The creative process commenced with the meticulous crafting of the character, the thief. We embarked on a journey of exploration, venturing through various artistic styles to find the perfect embodiment. 

Once the character took form, we delved into the realm of color, understanding its pivotal role in conveying emotion and setting the tone. Through a series of experiments, we honed in on a palette that not only captured the essence of the character but also harmonized with the overall aesthetic of the animation.

The idea:

As we brainstormed, the concept of the Three Little Pigs emerged organically, capturing our imagination along the way. We delved into the process of creating various iterations, exploring the potential of each one. However, one particular concept stood out, resonating with us in a way that felt reminiscent of the classic Hanna-Barbera style.

Upon careful consideration of the project’s logistics, including budget and timeline, we opted for a strategic shift. Recognizing the importance of efficiency, we chose to refine the character designs towards a more ‘minimalist’ aesthetic. This adjustment not only streamlined the animation process but also maintained the essence of our original vision. It was a conscious decision, aimed at ensuring a seamless production while preserving the charm of the characters’ distinctive look.

The Rigs:

In order to breathe life into the wolf character, we meticulously crafted a range of articulations for the animation rig. These articulations serve as the building blocks for conveying a wide spectrum of emotions, movements, and expressions.

For instance, we focused on the subtleties of the wolf’s facial features. We designed a set of expressions that range from sly grins to furrowed brows, allowing the character to emote convincingly in any given situation. This attention to detail ensures that the audience can connect with the wolf on a visceral level, immersing themselves in the story.


Here, we present a glimpse into the initial stages of our project. We’re sharing some of the house concepts and the primary background setting for our videos. These elements serve as the foundation of our visual narrative, providing a solid backdrop for the story.

As we explore the house concepts, we’ve considered various architectural styles and designs. Each concept reflects the unique personalities of the Three Little Pigs while maintaining visual cohesion. From sturdy brick facades to modern, tech-savvy designs, each concept brings its own charm to the narrative.


With an eye for detail and a keen understanding of visual storytelling, our team carefully mapped out the progression of scenes. These storyboards not only provided a visual guide for the entire production team but also allowed us to fine-tune each sequence, ensuring that every moment was infused with purpose and coherence.


Curious about the final product? You’re invited to explore the trio of videos we thoughtfully engineered, now available for viewing on the official YouTube channel of our esteemed client.

These videos reflect our dedication to crafting engaging narratives. They showcase the client’s security products in a clear and compelling manner, demonstrating our commitment to effective visual communication.

All materials copyrighted by XE Seguridad & Onem Studio.

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