XE Seguridad

The Client.

XE Seguridad is a security company based in Mexico , who sells primarly doors and alarm systems .

The Year. 2018

The Task.

Our task was to create a fun series of videos to show XE products .

The Solution.

Our solution was to create a series of characters based on the classic story of the 3 little pigs, making the life of the wolf miserable by using XE security products. Because the target of the company is people between their mid 30s and mid 50s we decided to create the feel and the look as if they were watching 60s trough 80s Cartoons.


We started by creating the thief by trying different styles .

Then we started experimenting with color , and how the animation would look.

The idea of the 3 little pigs came in on the way.

We started making different concepts

We loved this idea, the hanna barbera kinda look a like.

After revising the budget and deadline for the project we decided to make the characters more “minimal ” look, to make it faster and easier to animate them .

Examples of articulations for the wolf’s rig animation:

We also created the concept of the houses .

And a Storyboard for each Episode. Example:


Video 1.

Video 2

Video 3