The Client:

Onem Studio personal project.

The Year:


The Task:

Creating a low budget animated web series for adults.

The Solution:

We used digital puppets and facial tracking to create an ultra fast workflow , to achieve creating a 5 min episode every week.

The Concept:

“Los Carroñeros del Espacio Exterior” (Scavengers from Outer Space) is a vintage styled cartoon about the journeys of Captain Moho and his space crew.

Main Characters:

Meet Captain Moho and his trusty crew! Together, they form an extraordinary team: Dent, the brilliant navigator; Nao, the technological genius; and the formidable Macula, whose might is unmatched. Their mission? To traverse the cosmos in search of salvageable treasures, all in a quest to breathe new life into their beloved spaceship.


Yet, their journey is fraught with peril, for the nefarious El Vadero Oscuro lurks in the shadows, ever eager to thwart their endeavors.

Secondary Characters:

Explore the vibrant tapestry of characters that populate the cosmos of “Carroñeros del Espacio Exterior” and witness a cast as diverse and captivating as the galaxies they inhabit. From intrepid spacefarers to enigmatic extraterrestrial beings, each character adds a unique dimension to the narrative, making the world of this epic saga truly otherworldly.


Background and layouts:

Embark on a visual odyssey through the boundless realms that Moho and his intrepid crew traversed in the inaugural season! Every backdrop was meticulously sculpted and painted by our extraordinary team of artists, their imaginations ignited to conjure worlds that defy earthly conventions.

These backgrounds serve as more than mere scenery; they are characters in their own right, evoking emotions and forging connections with the viewer.


Delve into the heart of Moho and his crew’s journey by exploring the foundational storyboard sheets that underpinned the epic adventures of Moho and his intrepid crew! These carefully crafted blueprints were the bedrock upon which the entire narrative was built, serving as the guiding light for the creative visionaries behind the scenes.

Social Media:

Dive into a captivating array of promotional content and eye-catching advertisements that graced an array of social media platforms! Our team poured boundless creativity and ingenuity into crafting visuals that not only enticed but also resonated with audiences across the digital landscape.

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Prepare for an extraordinary treat, because you’re in for a cosmic adventure! That’s right, the entire inaugural season is now available for your viewing pleasure on their official YouTube Channel – completely free of charge! So, stock up on your favorite popcorn flavors, chill your preferred beverages, and settle in for a cinematic experience that’s bound to leave you laughing on the floor.

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