The Client:

Televisa stands as the powerhouse of Mexico’s television broadcasting, reigning supreme in the realm of entertainment and information.

The Task:

This year, Play-Doh proudly joined as a sponsor of the show, infusing an explosion of creativity into the mix. Our client presented us with an exhilarating challenge: to breathe life into a brand-new Catrina, imbuing her with the whimsical charm of Claymation. We needed to sculpt a vibrant and dynamic character that seamlessly merged the world of Play-Doh with the magic of animation.

The Year:


The Solution:

For this exciting project, we joined forces with the talented Genaro Diaz from Televisa and the acclaimed ‘Cinema Fantasma,’ Mexico’s renowned stop-motion studio, to craft the captivating visual style of the show. Our collaboration involved requesting a myriad of photos, meticulously capturing every facet of la Catrina, other characters, intricate elements, and the enchanting stage. With masterful adjustments and a sprinkle of creativity, we wove these elements seamlessly together, resulting in a breathtaking transformation – voilà!

The Digital Puppets:

The most streamlined workflow that led to the creation of this project was like a thrilling dance of creativity. We sent all the essential 2D illustrations to the talented team at Cinema Fantasma, where they masterfully transformed them into three-dimensional sculptures. Once returned as breathtaking photographs, we, like artists adding final brushstrokes to a masterpiece, added our own touch with adjustments, color corrections, and other meticulous details. This meticulous process allowed us to craft and program the puppets, as well as design the enchanting stage, bringing our vision to life with unparalleled precision and artistry.

The Stage:

Creating the stage was a thrilling journey, much like our puppetry process. We initiated it by sending out our vibrant 2D designs, eagerly anticipating their transformation into high-resolution photographs. Once in our hands, we meticulously polished and arranged them, preparing the canvas for a breathtaking masterpiece. With every pixel and detail meticulously refined, we embarked on the exhilarating task of programming animations, bringing our stage to life in real-time, ready to dazzle audiences with its vibrant energy.

Call to Action:

This engaging advertisement made a splash across Mexico, gracing the screens of the beloved “Canal 5”. It extended a warm invitation to kids of all ages, encouraging them to pick up the phone and join Catalina la Catrina in a creative endeavor. Their mission? To lend their imaginative voices in shaping the perfect “Altar de Muertos”.

2019 Intro Video:

Step into the enchanting realm of Catalina la Catrina through our captivating opening sequence! Here, you’ll journey deep into the heart of the underworld, where a vibrant tapestry of characters, including the endearing Granujo and mischievous Chilaquil, call home. As the sequence draws to a close, Catalina unveils a delightful surprise for our audience. In a breathtaking twist, she undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, seamlessly transitioning into a brand-new clay-animation style.

All materials copyrighted by Televisa S.A de C.V, Cinema Fantasma & Onem Studio.

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