The Client:

Colmillo is a restaurant located in San Pedro Garza García in the state of Nuevo León (Mexico), focused on international food and steakhouse cuts. The whole theme of the restaurant is actually based upon horror movies of the 50´s and mysticism, using black as their primary color.

The Year:


The Task:

Create a campaign for social media focused on a young adult audience, using the restaurant theme as inspiration.

The Solution:

The initial inspiration was a vision of an enigmatic, shadowy realm where ethereal spirits, menacing creatures, and clandestine cults converged. To bring this concept to life, we crafted a collection of mesmerizing animated GIFs that captivated audiences on the restaurant’s Facebook page and Instagram. Additionally, we curated striking compositions by blending vivid photographs showcasing select menu items with intricate illustrations. These captivating visuals found their way into various publications and printed media, further enhancing the restaurant’s allure.

-A place where their food is so delicious that is ilegal- 

Printed Media:

The printed media for Colmillo restaurant is a captivating fusion of the arcane and the delectable. Each piece exudes an air of mystique, drawing patrons into a world where spirits and creatures intermingle with culinary delights. Every page invites diners on an extraordinary journey. These visuals, showcased in magazines and other printed materials, serve as a tantalizing preview of the enchanting experience that awaits within the restaurant’s doors.

Gifs for Social Media:

These bewitching animations, meticulously crafted, unveil tantalizing glimpses of our otherworldly offerings. From spectral apparitions to tantalizing glimpses of our delectable menu, each GIF is a portal to a realm of extraordinary sensations.

Delight in the dance of shadows and spirits, igniting your curiosity and setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience at Colmillo.

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