Ana Cecy Villarreal

Ana Cecilia Villarreal “Reto Detox”

Ana Cecilia Villareal is CEO and founder of Vitaleza Centro de Nutrición y Naturismo (Center of Nutrition and Naturism), its specialised in nutrition inquiries  focusing on a clinical and naturist point of view. Their objective is to teach a healthier lifestyle and create healthier habits on their patients.


Detox Challenge

For this project we had to promote the benefits of the “Detox Challenge”. Ana Cecilia´s image is a very important part of her marketing strategy, so we had to find a way to promote her challenge using her as a focal point while adding remarkable elements. Our proposal  was to make a video for social media using live action footage and combining it with motion graphics and animation.

We decided that we needed to create a character  that combined charisma and simplicity so that people could feel identified with and the information given would have more impact to them.